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I wonder; yet, why billions of people are destitute? The fact is, two of the nine planetary boundaries have already crossed the limit and risked of sudden collapse. There is evidence of sophisticated Mesoamerican Maya civilisation collapse due to drought and famine. Inequality, climate severity, multi-dimensional poverty and billion destitute are the by-product of the development approach we believe in. Indeed, it seems, the face of chronic problems has changed! Problems, in the real term, are not shooting but creating in different ways. Even, the nice bubbles of the information technology are not safe due to inhuman human activities, I can certainly tell. 

So, I have found myself entangled around the complex issues of ‘limited resources and alternative uses’ since I educated in economics. I have been pondering if it is a failure of the economic science, or economics is being manipulated by political science to promote its own economy; such as an economy of ‘rent-seekers’ or ‘invisible hand’ or the economy of the state under control. Or, the development approach was the wrong remedy or let’s say, the ‘trickle-down’ windfall gain is the only tricks that have to be accepted by the bottom billions. Now, the real gap of our deed has been an area of my deep interest to dig about. My award-winning weblogs INCOMESCO and Simanta have helped me out there to share the words to the world through the web. It’s true, the world is desperately seeking a space to be safe!  

In regards to this, I focus most of my efforts on achieving the sustainable food system through capability empowerment and system resiliency. I am an accomplished MSc Food Security and Development graduate from the University of Reading UK with experience in a multidisciplinary understanding of how food systems work, and the main drivers of global food (in)security, malnutrition, poverty and climate change. I have also completed a Master degree in Economics, Bachelors in law and education. Thanks to my dedication, I have gained a strong experience after working in the richest and the poorest location in the world like the UK and Nepal. Those, I believe, are the reason for disseminating my thoughts. As a book-worm, I have been cultivating my mind from the thoughts of Sen, A., Stiglitz, J., Shiller, R., Piketty, T., Sachs, J., Locke, J., Rostow, W., Smith, A., Marx, K., and so on. I have published articles on magazine, papers and blogs on sustainable socio-economic development.

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