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Currently I focus on achieving the sustainable food system through capability empowerment and system resiliency. The ultimate aim is ‘food for all’ by achieving the highest productivity from the least amount of input. I am an accomplished MSc Food Security and Development graduate (University of Reading UK) with experience in a multidisciplinary understanding of how food systems work, and the main drivers of global food in/security, malnutrition, poverty and climate change. I have also completed a master’s degree in economics, bachelor’s in law and education.


We believe that everybody should have nutritious food all time. So, we work in putting efforts and getting information on sustainable food system, capability empowerment, system resilience and new economy. Food system is endangered due to climate change, increasing population vs decreasing resources. Hence, it must be prioritised inclusive food policy and program to feed to all. By considering the urgency of food to save humanity we share the words through the web to the world. Please stay connected.

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Food is life

Food is life and it is important for thoughts, health and wealth …

Food we love

to have nutritious enough food always for all …

Food we want

a sustainable, inclusive, capable and resilient food system where food is easily available, accessible and nutritious …

Food we have

Based on the evidence, current food system seems unequal, not enough, broken, non-nutritious, unstable and distressed …

The food system we expect

a new economic system based on wellbeing which is able to feed entire population by renewing natural planetary system. Pilling up challenges are the outcome of current system that we have been working through.

The same system which has created problems is not effective to solve. So a new economy based on wellbeing must be in practice to address challenges and the future needs ...



Food System

A better food system is an integrated and collaborative work between human and ecosystem that empowers wellbeing and capability of human, agriculture, planetary health and economy. The world deserve the best food system …

The resources are awaiting for investment

System Resilience

The resilient system bounce back better after the events or shocks and strongly support to minimise risk and loss. The resilient system based on the seven principles of diversity and redundancy, connectivity, regular essential services, adaptive system, learning, participation and poly centric governance …

Capability Empowerment

Individual liberty can be accessed by the diversified services that empower capability of the weakest segment of the community and individuals …

New Economy

The new economy based on well-being…

Planetary Health

Climate Change

Including a concept of climate change that links human health, wealth and wellbeing with the Earth’s natural eco-system upon which we depend …

Sustainable Development Goals

Inclusive Development

International development and sustainable development goals (SDGs)…



Corona pandemic

Sustainable Food System, Capability Empowerment, System Resilience and New Economy


Inclusive Development: Deed or Greed !

Jagadish Wagle Development or Greed!  Development seems like a buzz word, which is a never-ending myth. There is no single and a unanimous definition and has a vague meaning from personal development to physical infrastructure. Indeed, the meaning of development may  vary as per the needs and preferences of societies and individuals. Besides, the approach of development is an important path which is based on theory or practises to achieve the best…

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Food Security vs Legalising Cannabis

Jagadish Wagle Cannabis, also known as marijuana or weed, has long held the attention of academia and policy makers on the question of whether its legalisation would be beneficial or detrimental for social values, public health and average income. Despite this, Canada has become only the second country after Uruguay to legalise cannabis for recreational use. The examples of Canada…

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Ensuring food security amid Locust attack

Jagadish Wagle Background Food security has been the biggest challenge since the outbreak of COVID-19 (Corona) has broken out from Wuhan, China in December last year. The world has paid huge attention to control transmitting COVID-19, health hazards and panic. Due to what, basic requirements like food, work, income and livelihood have categorically been put…

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Empowering accessibility of food and dealing with pandemics

Jagadish Wagle Accessibility is one of the four components of food security. Food is believed to be accessible and inclusive if the cost is affordable and the goods are easily available. The regular source of income determines the affordability of a consumer. Affordability can also be empowered by the entitlement of direct cash distribution. Moreover,…

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Agro-forestry for the nature and food

Jagadish Wagle We need an efficient environment to preserve the earth for the sake of achievements so far however, natural settings and eco-system are at the risk of collapsing at any time. The economic growth, so far, is the only excuse of exploiting the ecosystem. Indeed, economic growth is essential for the prosperity but the growth…

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