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I am an accomplished MSc Food Security and Development graduate from the University of Reading UK with experience in a multidisciplinary understanding of how food systems work, and the main drivers of global food (in)security, malnutrition, poverty and climate change. Have also completed MA in economics, Bachelors in Law and education. Served as a Manager and Project Lead of different projects and organisations, and contributed in policy discussion, research in economic, micro-finance, planning and development. In addition to that, I have published articles on magazine, papers and blogs on sustainable socio-economic development. Currently, I focus the majority of my efforts on achieving the sustainable food system through capability empowerment and system resiliency.

Area of interest: food security, rice system, natural resources, climate, SDGs, humanity, inequality, poverty, cooperatives & development economics.

Key skills: Leadership, Project Management, Research, Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Continuous Improvement, Problem Solving & Planning, Customer Focus

Interest: Reading-writing, blogging, music, humanity and volunteering. All my works and activities are disseminated here  




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INCOMESCO is my work in English language on food security, climate, humanity, cooperatives and development economics.


SimantaMarginal is my work in Nepali language on food security, climate, humanity, cooperatives and development economics.

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A member of Food Research Collaboration, UK. Currently doing independent research on Community Supported Agriculture for Food Security in the UK with special reference to Brixit


A memebr of Cooperative Party, UK. Enabling self idea towards community support and capability empowerment. Participating Food Justice Campagins.


An alumnus of Innovative Food System Teaching and Learning (IFSTAL), a collaboration of the Universities of Oxford, Reading, Warwick and City London.


An alumnus of the University of Reading, United Kingdom and active participant


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I have been writing on INCOMESCO for five years

The weblog INCOMESCO, founded by me, is an open discussion around food system, humanity, nature, sustainable economy and the area of interest. Sustainable development goals (SDGs) trade offs ± synergies, resilience are also discussed. It is an amazing egalitarian personal weblog aims to promote individual and community’s capability as a basic requirement of fairer society, human-well being and innovative thinking.

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I have been writing on SimantaMarginal– mother toungue- for four years

बिकासको प्रतिफल सबैका लागि; सँधैका लागि

नेपालीमा प्रकाशित हुने सिमान्त मेरो वेब्लग हो ।

ज्ञान र विवेकको अभावमा उभिएको बिकासको प्रतिफल निर्दयी र पक्षपाति हुन्छ । बिकासको लक्ष आर्थिक वृद्धि हो, तर त्यो भन्दा धेरै दिगो कल्याणको बिस्तार हो । वर्तमान समाजले बिकासको प्रभाव, अभाव र दवावको सामना गरिरहेको छ । प्राकृतिक श्रोतमाथि निर्मम प्रहार भएको छ; आर्थिक असमानता चुलिएको छ । अत: बिकासको प्रतिफल सबैका लागि; सँधैका लागि भन्ने बिचार, मान्यता र उपायहरु प्रति समर्पित रहेर बिकासका विविध पक्ष लगायत खाध्य सुरक्षा, प्राकृतिक श्रोत र किसानका बारेमा छलफल गर्ने नयाँ आयाम हो- सिमान्त ।

सामाजिक संजालमा सिमान्तलाई पिछा गर्न


If you are interested in me writing articles for your valuable publication(s) on food system, climate, humanity, cooperative and new economy; writing project proposal, presentation, journal articles, concept and designing your weblog; and resource optimising tips please feel free to get me in touch and we will discuss the possibility further.

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Email me: incomesco@outlook.com

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The contrast thoughts inspire to think about innovative, fairer and inclusive economy for all.

Abolishing all private property is the Communism…The distribution of private property in the hands of wealth owners, combined with government enforced taxes compel workers to labour…The worker is alienated from the means of production via wage compulsion and the imposed production content…The worker is only able to reject wage compulsion at the expense of their life and that of their family. The Controlled economy under communism was propounded by Karl Marx.

Karl Marx (1818-1883)

“An economy can work well in a free market scenario where everyone will work for his/her own interest…It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest. We address ourselves, not to their humanity but to their self-love, and never talk to them of our own necessities but of their advantages.” Adam Smith is the father of economics and founder of free-market economy.

Adam Smith (1723-1790)