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Water, Air and Land Nexus: A Safe Space for Preserving Climate and Achieving Food Security

The approach of “safe space” is a way of producing food with less climate stress, rationalising the use of the Water Air and Land (WAL). It guides people to rationalise their behaviour in view of a sustainable welfare approach. Hence, a country can produce the highest level of food with a minimum unit of resources by reducing climate shocks. This smart resilience agriculture system works through wider safe space from crop intensification, diversification, technological advancement, adaptive governance and so on…

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Empowering accessibility of food and dealing with pandemics

Accessibility is one of the four components of food security. Food is believed to be accessible and inclusive if the cost is affordable and the goods are easily available. The regular source of income determines the affordability of a consumer. Affordability can also be empowered by the entitlement of direct cash distribution. Moreover, inclusive distribution…

Food, Agro-Forestry and the Nature

We need an efficient environment to preserve the earth for the sake of achievements so far however, natural settings and eco-system are at the risk of collapsing at any time. The economic growth, so far, is the only excuse of exploiting the ecosystem. Indeed, economic growth is essential for the prosperity but the growth based on…

Market, monopoly and manipulation

It is interesting to have read an article on The Guardian authored by Robert Reich on a causes of inflation. The article has highlighted recent inflation and its tendencies in the US economy. According to him, the inflation is about 7 percent in compare to the last year. The reasons behind the price increment is…

Inclusive Development: Deed or Greed !

Development or Greed!  Development seems like a buzz word, which is a never-ending myth. There is no single and a unanimous definition and has a vague meaning from personal development to physical infrastructure. Indeed, the meaning of development may  vary as per the needs and preferences of societies and individuals. Besides, the approach of development is an important path which is based on theory or practises to achieve the best possible objectives. However,…


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